Mrs Mighetto Plakat Miss Marion 50*70

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Mrs Mighetto Plakat Miss Marion 50*70

En fin plakat fra Mrs Mighetto. Denne nydelige plakaten er trykt på 170g matt papir, for å beholde den fine følelsen av originalen i akvarell. Mrs Mighettos plakater er produsert i et begrenset opplag. En flott detalj til barnerommet!

… Why is an invisibility factory really needed? The need awakened the day peace was made without war, when it turned out that invisibility became a quiet solution. But also as a need for a break. Becoming invisible for a while proved to have a great health effect. From her flower, Marion scouts for the need for invisibility time and sends out brew to those in need. So to anyone who ever needs to stop and turn invisible for a while, please send a wish to Marion.

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