Mrs Mighetto Plakat Mr Olle 50*70

499 kr


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Mrs Mighetto Plakat Mr Olle 50*70

En fin plakat fra Mrs Mighetto. Denne nydelige plakaten er trykt på 170g matt papir, for å beholde den fine følelsen av originalen i akvarell. Mrs Mighettos plakater er produsert i et begrenset opplag. En flott detalj til barnerommet!

…From Olle’s left pocket there are endless of newborn ladybugs. When the world needs help he takes out two, and then two more are always there. It’s like a bottomless well of new little curious friends. He quietly whispers in their ear exactly what task is needed at the moment and they are free to fly off to the world. Olle is their supervisor in all stages of life, from dangerous adventures to quiet recovery.

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